Jan 1, 2014

Timeline of Notable Open Science Events in 2013 - Psychology


Happy New Year! New Year’s is a great time for reflection and resolution, and when I reflect on 2013, I view it with an air of excitement and promise. As a social psychologist, I celebrated with my many of my colleagues in Washington, DC. at the 25th anniversary of the Association for Psychological Science. There were many celebrations including a ‘80s themed dance night at the Convention. However, this year was also marred by the “Crisis of Confidence” in psychological and broader sciences that has been percolating since the turn of the 21st century. Our timeline begins the year with the Perspectives on Psychological Science’s special issue dedicated to addressing this Crisis. Rather than focusing on the problems, papers in this issue suggested solutions and many of those suggestions emerged as projects in 2013. This timeline focuses on these many Open Science Collaboration successes and initiatives and offers a glimpse at the activity directed at reaching the Scientific Utopia envisioned by so many in the OSC.

Maybe when APS celebrates its 50th Anniversary, it will also mark the 25th Anniversary of the year that the tide turned on the bad practices that had led to the “Crisis of Confidence”. Perhaps in addition to a ‘13 themed dance band playing Lorde’s “Royals” or Imagine Dragon’s “Demons”, maybe there will be a theme reflecting on changing science practices. With the COS celebrating a 25th anniversary of its own, let us share your memory of the important events from 2013.

These posts reflect a limited list of psychology-related events that one person noticed. We invite you to add other notable events that you feel are missing from this list, particularly in other scientific areas. Add a comment below with information about any research projects aimed at replication across institutions or initiatives directed at making science practices more transparent.

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